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>>megyn: on twitter a lot of the viewers are on the side of the homeowner who shot the two teens which surprising because those in the studio did not see that as likely but if someone breaks in your house what choice do you have? here is shepard smith. >>shepard: that iphone cover is fresh. >>megyn: yes, fancy and polka dotted. >>shepard: united nations ambassador susan rice met with republican lawmakers today and they are leading charge against her and at least if them it did not calm the storm over her initial response to the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. we will get the details on that. a crowd rivalling the size of the protests that took down mubarak taking on the new president. steve is there and he is reporting that there are
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significant changes underway right now that could affect that region and the world. steve harrigan is reporting the military is moving in on its own people. our team on the ground reports hearing explosions and we will have expanded and extensive coverage in a moment. if you move to a big city, thinking big money, is it possible you made the wrong decision? there is a new report that details the growing wealth in the heartland. that all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the meeting between the united states ambassador susan rice and the biggest critics did not soften their condemnation over her response in benghazi. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers we got and some that we didn't get. >> the condition i have are greater today than they were before. we are not even close to getting
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the bake answers. >>shepard: republican senators taking issue about the scene on the outpost in libya, she says that she was relying on information from intelligence officials when she described it as a spontaneous attack linked to a protest over anti-islam video and said at the time it was a preliminary assessment. it is information she got from intelligence. she was the messenger. the information was wrong. we know that now. ambassador rice put out a statement today saying neither she or anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the american people. the director of national intelligence has admitted it was his office that told her what to say. the critics are clearly targeting her. they are will threatening to block her potential nomination to replace secretary of state, hillary clinton. some democrats say this is about
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politics dating back to 28 when ambassador rice campaigned for president obama against the republican candidate, senator john mccain. it was heated. it was difficult. the democrats believe it was not forgiven by john mccain. what do we know of meeting, catherine? >>reporter: we have to rely on the readout from the ambassador rice and the republican senators because it was behind closed doors. we saw the senators and rice arriving to plain five days after the attack she characterized the attack as spontaneous and blamed the video 2309 death of four members. the explanation she relied on the best available intelligence fell short. >> i am more convinced than ever it was bad, it was unjustified, to give the scenario as presented by ambassador rice and
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president obama three weeks before an election. >>reporter: the talking points that stripped out language including al qaeda, senators say she has classified material that showed evidence of terrorists. >> when you have a position of ambassador to the united nations you go classified talking points in your responsibility for the job. >>reporter: and her meeting this afternoon with senator lieberman, chair of the homeland security who is running their own investigation. >>shepard: what are the white house and ambassador rice saying? >>reporter: after the meeting she put out a statement which reads in part and i quote, "we explained the talking points provided by the intelligence community and the initial assessment upon which they were based were incorrect in a key
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respect. there was no protest or demonstration in benghazi." the white house briefing spokesman carney minimized the impact of her statements on the sunday talk shows and he turned the focus on to the importance of finding who was responsible. >> people are more interested in talking points to a sunday show several months ago than they are in finding out what happened in benghazi, bringing to justice who was responsible and ensuring we take action to prevent something like that happening again. >>reporter: one of the interesting headlines that came out of the meetings the senators have not seen the transcripts of the interviews between f.b.i. agents and diplomatic security agents who were evacuated to germany from benghazi. the interviews took place on september 14, and what we understand from the interviews is the diplomatic security agents said at that time there was no demonstration when the attack occurred and that was two days before ambassador susan rice's statement. >>shepard: thank you,
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catherine. senator john mccain will join neil cavuto next hour coming up at 4:00 eastern. a fox urgent, explosions in cairo's tahrir square according to our reporter on the ground as a crowd which he described as similar in size to the gathering during the arab spring. protesting against the islamist president and the muslim brotherhood. 200,000 egyptians are estimated to pack the streets in the growing outrage over the president morsi's takeover. last week, the president from the muslim brotherhood issued several decrees including an order that every decision he makes is a final decision, no review. critics say he appointed himself as a dictator two years after a massive popular uprising ousted mubarak. our eyes and ears on the ground, these are the latest crowds you have seen in tahrir square,
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right, steve? >> the five days since the decree we wondered if the protests would get bigger or smaller. they are growing larger and more angry. the crowd today well over 100,000 people in tahrir square, and from different walks of life, different political stories. the opposition to the president has been unified by his decree expanding his own power. so we have people on want the old days of mubarak. you have liberals. nationalists. they are all angry at an overstepping by this president and they all coming out to the square. this is the way they are trying to use their leverage against the president. the chant are the same "this regime must leave." >>shepard: disturbing to hear your reports in the last hour it is believed the military could be moving in on the people. is that right? >>reporter: right now all we have seen are police and
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security forces pushing aside the younger protesters in the allies around square. the conflict is a low-level conflict with the police themselves throwing rocks but a steady stream of small explosions as the more aggressive protesters are pushed out of that square. demonstrators, opposition leaders have warned of the possible intervention of the military if the unrest continues. we have not seen that yet. >>shepard: what your sense of what is happening there among the people? it seemed to me from watching through the camera there is a change over the last 24 hours. >>reporter: there is. yesterday we saw the president try to comp my meeting with the judges and he said the powers are only temporary, it will only last a month, and they are actually very limited in scope and all that seemed to do was make people more angry. so tonight we are seeing a larger and more angry crowd.
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what will happen, here, rests with them, with the 100,000 people behind me. are they going do come out here day after day and really force this president to move in a country without a parliament, without checks and balances, this is the only check they have. right now, they are pushing it to the fullest. >> before we get away, from here in new york, we have been reporting this as one size says this and one size says that. we spent time looking at facts this morning. what he has done is said no matter what the judges who were supposed to have review have to say or what the elected representatives have to say, i'm the president and i will make all the rules and all of you have to follow it. that is almost textbook definition of dictatorship. >> it is really stunning when you look at it on paper, a miles per hour that has not been changed. anything i decree is the law and the courts have no say. are the people going to take it?
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will they accept it? that is the question we will watch over the next few days. one more thing. it is important to remember egypt is the largest country in the region by population. it clearly has sway over the stability of the region. we have seen that recently in the conflict between hamas or the minutes and the israelis. is it your sense that things are teetering? the whole region seems to teeter with it. >>reporter: when you have such a large crowd in a square with tear gas and rocks being thrown it can be sparked off, bad things can happen, when a few people are killed. it can lead to worst things happening. the other side has shown some real restraint. we saw consolation of a protest movement by the muslim brotherhood today. if you get both sizes demonstrating, that is a recipe for disaster, the other side has held back.
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>>shepard: so far, steve. thank you very much. >> the important thing here is, remember, it is presidential morsi who helped bring together this truce teen the israelis and hamas and the palestinians. if there are problems with morsi or situations change in egypt and theon is destagized that is as serious as anything we could report. we will bring in michael singh next, familiar with the region.
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>>shepard: and continuing coverage of the unrest we have seen in cairo throughout the day, the president there is the one who brokered the truce between the israelis and hamas of the palestinians and, now, he
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has stepped up seemingly to form a dictatorship and the people are rebelling. now, michael singh former senior director at national security council, currently the managing director of the washington institute. where do you see things today, michael? >>guest: well, the reaction you see in tahrir square is against morsi eliminating the last check on power, the judiciary. what is at stake is the future direction of egypt and the constitution. the constitutional assembly writing the new constitution is dominated by islamist and what it has done in the draft constitution, it concentrated power in the hands of the president and is enshrining the religious state. the people who came to tahrir square in 2011 who did not include islamist are very concerned. >>shepard: it is the muslim brotherhood that had protesters and strikes scheduled that
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canceled those saying they wanted to have calm and reduce the chaos and traffic in the streets but the muslim brotherhood is not so much down with the plans of this president, either. >>guest: well, it is hard to say right now exactly whether president mrs. is and the muslim brotherhood are in line with each other. the muslim brotherhood is a challenge because they do thought want to be seen as antidemocratic or do not want this massive instability if nothing because of the economic repercussions which are substantial. really, they do want to seize control of the future direction of egypt and that is what is happening right now. >> seizing control of the future direction of egypt is troubling because egypt is the heart of stability there. explain to people how important egypt is in that region. >>guest: well, this is the largest country in the region and often considered the heart of the region in terms of the role it has played and that role
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has really subsided recently under mubarak, the previous president, but there were glimmers in the latest cease-fire between hamas and israel that maybe egypt could, again, play a role in contrast to turkey which did not play a role. but this calls that into question. if morrissey will act astronaut just a dictator but islamist i question whether he can play that role. >>shepard: we will follow the developments in cairo throughout the night. it is 10:15 in the evening and the crowds are growing. we will go back to steve harrigan as events warrant. president obama taking plans for avoiding fiscal cliff to the voters with a look at his pitch and the response from republicans, next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: the president will make a public pitch on his plans for dealing with the fiscal cliff. according to the white house the president will make a campaign style appearance on friday at the toy manufacturing plant in pennsylvania. republicans and democrats are working to avoid going over the cliff. the popular term for the combination of spending cuts and tax cut eliminations set to hit at the start of the new year. the president has been pushing congress to preserve the bush era tax rates for the middle class but let them expire for american whose make more than $250,000 a year. republicans have called for democrats to agree to serious cuts in entitlements and a number of g.o.p. lawmakers have said they are ready to put new revenue on the table.
12:22 pm
mostly through lowing loopholes. and now from capitol hill, the solution needs to "all of the above approach." >>guest: two former republican congressman wrote in the "wall street journal" when you consider all the federal government liabilities, our debt is more like $8.6 trillion every day you have the baby boomers retiring and meeting the benefits so a key senate republican says entitlements must be part of the negotiations if you solve the problem, there is no question you are going to need some revenue but you can take all the revenue and it would not solve the problem. so, the real answer is, we have a demographic shift that is coming into entitlement programs that have increased their benefits without increasing the taxes to pay for the entitlement programs. though are bankrupt. essentially. >> we have heard a lot of people say over the course of the campaign people love medicare
12:23 pm
but an expert said today a lot of that is because for every dollar you put in most members get $3 back and that is unsustainable. when you start talking about entitlement reform, a lost groups and seniors get upset. >>shepard: there is a move problem, but don't mess with my math. where do the lawmakers stand? >>reporter: coburn told me, who you heard a moment ago, he could cut $600 billion out of the federal government and almost no one would notice. some democrats, they seem to think this could be some savings had at the pentagon. >> there isn't anyone left right or center who wants to compromise america's national defense but to believe that having ended one war in iraq and ending another in afghanistan and reassessing our role in the world we cannot find savings in the pentagon is not affair assessment. >>reporter: i have heard that from others, as well, after two
12:24 pm
wars, after the great expansion of our military over the two wars, there could be some savings to be had but at this point a lot of discussions are going on, a lot behind closed doors and not a lot of leaks. there is a lot of anxiety about what, actually, will get done if it gets done. >>shepard: thank you from the rotunda. personal income was up across the country including in all major metropolitan areas. the federal bureau of economic analysis reports 98.4 percent of the counties saw an increase. the biggest growth was in middle america in areas in the blue: nebraska, north dakota, south dakota. small towns saw 3 percent increase in income per person compared to 1.8 percent in urban areas. the analysts say farm income and especially the natural gas industry were major factors. now the assistant managing editor of the "wall street journal," parent company of this
12:25 pm
network. looking good out there. >> better than a few years ago. the natural gas issue we have been talking about this in the "wall street journal" and on your program for some time. there is an energy revival in the united states, we know that. it is coming from shale gas, shale oil from fracking in many states. there are environmental issues to consider here. in the meantime, a lot of individuals have leases that they have granted for oil drilling or gas drilling on their private land, most of this is happening on private land so those individuals who own this land are getting income from it. >>shepard: people are flocking to the areas for the jobs. >>guest: north dakota has become a boom state with situations now where there is not enough housing for all of the oil and gas, primarily oil workers coming to the state but it is not just north dakota. the shale oil and gas is positioned all around the united states, in the east, the west coast, and it is ahead in its
12:26 pm
exploit station in florida and places like the eagle ford field. this is a boom fought to those getting money for the leases they are ranting but lower energy costs. it is like a tax cut for america. >>shepard: if we were to become energy independent, it would certainly change the dynamic in the middle east. >> in question about that. energy independence in a global energy market is a tricky thing. energy more secure? no question. you have seen imports of oil dropping in the united states for the last five, six, seven years. so it is a substantial advantage if the united states. the geopolitics change in a variety of ways, we can use the oil and gas to help allies do things we need them to do abroad n japan you say we need you to
12:27 pm
put the squeeze on iran on nuclear issues but we will make sure you have enough energy because we will export gas and oil. >>shepard: thank you, john. eight years after the death of yasser arafat, there is a curious thing happening. forensic experts today opened up his tomb amid suspicion he was poisoned. if they poisoned him the way they thing, opening up his tomb will do no good so what are they doing? a young actor who represents half in the show "2 1/2 men" says you shouldn't watch it because it is filth. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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12:32 pm
launches an investigation but it stalled until a swiss firm just this summer reported it discovered a sophisticated poison on yasser arafat's clothing. david lee miller is live in jerusalem with more. this is likely the investigation that will solve this? >>reporter: well, you could call this "csi." it could solve the mystery but many say it is a long shot the remember, many palestinians want the investigation to take place, among them the widow of yasser arafat. this is a sensitive matter taking place today behind blue tarps to keep away the tv cameras and the issue was raised by scientists working on a tv documentary say they found it on his clothing and personal items, as well, such as toothbrush and head scarf. the problem they faced, it
12:33 pm
decays very quickly, in as little as three years and yasser arafat has been dead for eight years so there is a great deal of uncertainty whether the investigation is going to proven anything. >>shepard: you do not need much to get the deed done. >>reporter: you sure don't. it is extremely deadly, a quanity as small as a grain of salt can kill you. now, it can pass through your skin but if ingested it can harm your organs and d.n.a., and the immune system. as you mentioned, yasser arafat became sick in october of 2004 and no explanation was offered and his official cause of death in a french hospital says "stroke" but it could be the underlying cause. the results will take at least three months and if you wonder, finding it is extremely rare. one place you will find it is in nuclear research reactor so, in
12:34 pm
fact, if it was used, the next question is, how did the killers obtain it? >>shepard: thank you from jerusalem. how will the team of experts go about the investigation? joining us now is an intensive care physician at university of hospital of cleveland, case medicalst. to me this doesn't make sense from the beginning for just this season: it has 90 day half-life, goes away completely in three years and it has been eight years so what are they doing? >>guest: that is a good question. if you say it was 250,000 partials of the plutonium in his body when he died there is one left so the chance of finding something is unlikely and if they do we do not know how much there was originally and did it play a role because it is found in the crust of the earth so it is all around us in very small quantities. >>shepard: to find it on his body would be a telling thing or
12:35 pm
not? >>guest: it depends how much they fine. they will have to test the soil around where he was buried to see if it is leaking in from the soil, so, a lot depends on what the quantities is and are around the casket. >>neil: explain to me, the scientists say they have a way to figure out it is there. it was new as of this summer and ma to do about it. >>guest: there is a, unlike uranium, which we can detect, this is a -- it emits particles and we have sensitive equipment that can detect it. >>shepard: that is what brings them to this point? >>guest: i think so. they just dug up and exhumed the 4th president of turkey, president ozat, longer than yasser arafat has been dead and they found it in his body,
12:36 pm
happened just last month. >>shepard: thank you, dr. nearman. >> it has been speculated that israel may have actually had something to do with this but whether this is going to prove anything is another matter. egypt is blowing up tonight, more than 200,000 egyptians are said to be packing the streets of cairo with president morsi's power grab issuing several decrees last month, including an order that all decisions he makes are final. no review by the judges. that is over. despite the constitution. a protester died of suffocation after inhaling tear gas. another said a car flipped and set on fire to keep riot police away on a street that leads to the embassy. steer hair began has been watching over it. i guess the crowds are still growing?
12:37 pm
>>reporter: the crowd is changing now, we have workers, family members, and people with their childrens leaving and more and more younger protesters, coming out this is a time of night when the protesters take a month violent tush. we are seeing, i cannot hang the camera over this, but we are seeing 1,000 young people on street below me, and they are scuffling with security. you can hear the "pop" of tear gas being fired mixed in with fireworks and it is like a bad concert and at the edge of it, there are violent people pushing back-and-forth with police. right at this time the police try and clear out the alleys and the main protesters are back in the square, peaceful, chanting they want this president down, but, really, it is on the fringes of the protesters where you will see the scuffling, steady scuffling with the security portions. >>neil: not hard to imagine the large square and the side streets, and that is what you watch throughout but the
12:38 pm
dispatches i have from the crew suggest that it is thought entirely peaceful there and what the police do next, that could tell us a lot. >>reporter: certainly it is not peaceful. particularly when you see the large numbers of crowds and the emotion behind this. there is, really, we are talking about a country that is split down the middle, strong supporters of president and people who want to take him down and the question is, how do we get out of this situation? how is there room for compromise on either side? the people on the square are not looking for compromise, they want this democratically elected president to come down and as you mentioned earlier, the president himself has put himself above the law. both sides staked out extreme positions. which side will break first there does not seem to be an easy way out for either side. >>shepard: your reporting was interesting on the actions of the islam brotherhood toward their own party when they
12:39 pm
decided not to protest today. >>reporter: they planned a major protest today originally a million man march, basically, to show the world how were support president morsi had and he has considerable support. usually the muslim brotherhood matches have been much bigger than the opposition, and that is a question mark right now because the opposition has been growing stronger. they have shown some restraint, though, the muslim brotherhood canceled the march because if you have 200,000 behind me on one side, and a million people two blocks away, it is really, a recipe for disaster, so the two sides have kept apart until now. >>shepard: 10:39, the time of night for steve and the crew and we will go back as news warrants. >> the powerball jackpot at home. did you hear how big it is? $500 million. so there is a huge rush for tickets, the odds of winning are
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>>shepard: bradass is charged with the biggest security breach if history and lawyers are helping him avoid a trial. he is private bradley manning and he went by bradass 87 online accused of sending hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the website wikileaks and his lawyers argue that the military illegally punished him log him in a cell for nine months make him sleep naked for several
12:44 pm
nights. military officials claim they did not mistreat him at all claiming he was in a maximum security facility and he posed a risk of hurting himself or others. jonathan hunt is with us. what is the defense case? >>jonathan: it boils down to this: he has been punished enough already between july 2010 and april 201 when he was held at the marine bridge in virginia he was illegally treated too harshly. the united nations investigators called the conditions of his being held there at that time "cruel and inhumane and degrading." experts say that really is all the defense has here because there isn't any question that he leaked the documents. >> it makes up for the defense lawyer whose have to put it out, they will say he was treated inhumanely and he has been punished enough. don't punish him anymore.
12:45 pm
as a prosecutor i would not take that for a second but i understand why they are making that argument. it is the only argument they have because it is cleared he leaks these. >>jonathan: the military judges can potentially dismiss all the charges against him if they decide this pre-trial punishment was too much. but it seems highly unlikely and it appears the trial will ultimately go forward and is due to begin in february. >>shepard: and the founder of the website is still seeking asylum in ecuador. >>jonathan: hanging out at the embassy in monday done and he held a press conference, a news conference of sorts, with gush -- journalists inside the embassy today and he made statements outside the guess and talking how wikileaks is being punished economically by what he calls right wing
12:46 pm
politicians in the united states who are forcing companies to not donate to wikileaks. at the moment he is still in that embassy, still holed up there and the british cops are still standing outside waiting for him to come out to arrest him. >>shepard: it would be a comedy if it were not so serious. the biggest lottery jackpot in forever is up for grabs, the biggest power palm jackpot. it is half a billion. second only to the mega millions jackpot that three lucky winners split this year and before you buy the tickets consider this, the odds of winning are 1 in 175 million which is better than the chance of becoming president of the united states, or dating a super model or getting killed by a falling coconut but your chance of winning if you don't play are zero. so it is better if you play. trace is on the west coast. it is worth a dollar, good hoard, what the heck. >> it is two bucks now.
12:47 pm
>>shepard: two bucks? >>trace: but no one will necessarily win. because even though this has rolled over 16 times, now, and the jackpot is $500 million, the odds are any single person winning still only around 60 percent but the more tickets that are bought the higher the anothers go and if you would like to increase your odds, here is a little tip. >> with any lottery game i say the same thing, let the computer quick pick, and you can spend another $2 on those birthdays and anniversaries and ages but i am a firm believer in the computer delivering winning tickets. >>trace: the theory is if you use your birthday or anniversary as your publics, the odds of other people same birthday or anniversary and using theirs goes way up. >>shepard: do you remember her from your years out she she made the balls pop up and we found out who woman on channel 7.
12:48 pm
did you see that? >>trace: 59 balls. >>shepard: never seen her, i figured she wasn't around anymore but the size of the jackpot is driving the ticket sales. >>trace: you are right to a certain extent but it is a good gamble $for $500 million but officials say as the economy goes south often lottery sales go north. if you have a little bit you have big dreams and weirdly a factor that hurts sales is gas prices. you pay $80 at the pump you are less likely to throw down $2 for a ticket but right now she says sales are strong. >> the lines are so long we are selling in new york, $500,000 per hour and that is now the day before, imagine tomorrow, we will probably be going $1 million in sales an hour. >>trace: it is in 42 states
12:49 pm
and washington, dc and the virgin islands. >>shepard: we love you. if a knocker wins we want her on the program. >>trace: absolutely. done. >>shepard: you all watch it, don't you? a message from the teenage star of "2 1/2 men." why he is telling people to stop watching the show that made him a millionaire child. maybe because he's a child. wo. you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪
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>>shepard: the teen star of "2 1/2 men" says the show is filth and he plays "jake." he is one of hollywood's highest paid teen actors.
12:53 pm
he makes $350,000 per episode. in a video for a christian organization he says he doesn't want to contribute to the enemy's plan. can you not be a true god fearing person and be on a television show like that. seriously? the 19-year-old grew up on scene but says it was never his choice, he quit because his contract did not require he stay so far no comment from the network or the producers. all this comes two years after charlie sheen left the same show following the bizarre, well, thing that happened. and now, maybe he is too young to realize you can't do something and say you shouldn't do it and be absolved from it because you shouldn't do it. >>guest: well, to use a bad tv pun a case of growing pains, young actor gets in the business at youthful age and discovers he
12:54 pm
no longer wants to be on the show but this is now how you exit. hollywood is not a place that takes these things, takes these things seriously. this isn't scientology and tom cruise where people look at that and say, well, those are brand marketable movie stars, this is a young man who is starting his career out and it could jeopardize his future if he wants to stay in the business. there are a lot of thing you could do say you will give away the money you made from the people or say you will not do it anymore, per, and stand up and say you will not do it, contract be damned, but, really, you speak to one group and say one thing and you make $350,000 a episode, where is the sympathy coming from? >>guest: i don't think there is sympathy he obviously is confused. he clearly may have a case of buyer's remorse but it is hard
12:55 pm
to sell that when he makes the money he is making and on a show that was very popular for many years and they have replaced charlie sheen and i would not be surprised if they make a change there or if the show actually has a future. i don't know how much longer this concept for the program is going to be viable to the public and they will find an interest in watching this kid at 23 or 24 years. >>shepard: even seinfeld went away. hope he has fun because it is not if his hands. thank you, peter. here is something that is entertaining, the north korean powerful, kim jong-un, and he the most sexy man alive? obviously he is the sexiest man alive. the would you feet your peepers on this? mansion --
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: officials in new jersey are planning to remove a popular roller coaster that hurricane sandy swept to sea. the mayor says the town and the owners of the biare in talks to scrap the jet star roller coaster. last week the mayor told a tv station it would take a great tourist, it would make a great tourist attraction and says that was not the brightest comment. construction on the new boardwalk set if january. and before we put a wrap on things in "studio b," we run across a story where some foreign media outlets pick as story from the onion and makes it real. that is always fun, it is a satire website and newspaper, and this time the editors chose the sexiest man alive, north korea's supreme leader, kim jong-un, kim the younger. the chinese communist party took it daily and quoted the description "he has the rare ability to

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